Lucy Santana

KNX Hero of the Week
Thursday, January 16th
The recent "Me Too" movement highlighted the importance of women having the courage and strength to stand up for themselves, openly and freely. Our KNX Hero of the Week has spent most of her career empowering girls and young women to become those fearless leaders.

For more than 20 years now, Lucy Santana has mentored young women and girls from all over Southern California. She's the CEO of Girls Inc. Orange County, and along the way she's inspired hundreds of young lives with positivity and compassion, empowering girls to be "Strong, Smart, and Bold."

"We do that through programs that build resiliency," explains Lucy, "that help them to learn how to make good decisions. [Programs] that put them in situations where they can explore different ways on using their voice to protect themselves, to stand up for themselves." 

Girls Inc. welcomes girls from all financial backgrounds, and Lucy says she can relate to many of them who are growing up in an under-served area.

"About 80% of the girls that we serve come from communities that are under-resourced," says Lucy. "I see myself in those girls. I grew up in an area that wasn't full of opportunities for youth to get involved with, not a lot of after-school programs and not a lot of positive activities.

"So, my commitment is really to make sure girls are getting the programs they need to feel empowered. To feel like they can make good choices, and that they have rights. "

Twenty-one-year-old Laura Chavez has practically grown-up under the guidance of Lucy, and says Lucy is like a family member. "Lucy has a really great way of - not only being a fearless leader- but also being a gentle mentor. I think that is a great gift that she has," says Laura. 

Empowering girls around Southern California to be fearless leaders, we are honoring Lucy Santana as our KNX Hero of the Week! 

"I am one of those lucky ones, that gets to get up everyday and do what I love to do," gushes Lucy. 

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