Lots of intrigue at the U.S. Supreme Court, from Trump's taxes to the health of the Chief Justice

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Wednesday, July 8th
There was a big ruling at the Supreme Court today:  the justices knocked down part of the Affordable Care act that mandated employers cover insurance costs for birth control for their workers.  But that ruling, as big as it was, is somewhat overshadowed by bigger intrigue surrounding the highest court in the land.

First we have a major decision coming tomorrow on whether President Trump must reveal his taxes and other financial records to Congressional investigators.  Then there's the speculation around the health of Chief Justice John Roberts who, we've learned, was hospitalized in June after he hit his head in a fall.

Amy Howe is a reporter and analyst for SCOTUSblog; she's a former litigator who's argued cases in front of the Supreme Court & former Stanford Law School professor