Lorraine Hendricks Stewart

KNX Hero of the Week
Wednesday, September 11th
An animal sanctuary in Los Angeles County has become the 'forever home' for aging, abused, and neglected animals. It's run by our KNX Hero of the Week, who takes in "misfits and rejects" - creating a very unique family. 

"I have alpaca, horses of different sizes, a miniature donkey, sixty sheep, ducks, geese, miniature pigs," says Lorraine Hendricks Stewart, of C.A.M.B.R.I.A. Sanctuary of Acton, CA.

That's just a few of the more than 140 animals that Lorraine takes care of.

C.A.M.B.R.I.A stands for Canines and More Being Rescued in America. It became a non-profit in 2008.

Nearly all of the animals roam free, together, in one large pasture. And they all get along, which can be critical in the case a wildfire.

"There's five acres. I like to have different species get to know each other. That way if they have to be evacuated, you don't have to worry about certain animals not getting along with other animals," says Lorraine.

The sanctuary had to be evacuated last year, due to a nearby brush fire.

"KNX put it on the news [about the wildfire] and all kinds of people showed up with trailers. You could see the flames on the far side of the hill," remarks Lorraine.

One of the animals at the sanctuary is a former police horse with the Los Angeles Country Sheriff's Department. Former Deputy Sheriff Jim Wheat says 'Lucky' was a search and rescue horse that worked parades. When her stable-mate died, she became depressed. So, he took her to C.A.M.B.R.I.A.

"She was so happy," says Wheat.

He adds that Lorraine is one-of-a-kind. "She's a very caring person," says Wheat. "When it comes to animals, she'll take almost anything. And she treats them really nice."

"I've gone over there before and she'll have a mouse in her pocket. Just because she found a mouse and she's going to take care of it."

It hasn't been easy running the sanctuary. Lorraine has no staff. She does all the feeding and cleaning by herself. She also funds the sanctuary almost completely out of her own pocket.

"I don't seem to get a lot of donations. But, I don't have an advertising budget, so that's probably part of it," says Lorraine. "Out of my pocket per year, I spend probably a little more than $70,000."

Despite that, Lorraine wakes up every morning and makes sure the animals are fed. They've become her family.

"The little piggies, they just get so excited! I can stand up on my hill and yell "piggy baby, piggy baby! And they all just come running up the hill," exclaims Lorraine.

"They give so much. They give so much back! So, I guess that's just part of it."

Giving all that she has, to care for special group animals. Our KNX Hero of the Week is Lorraine Hendricks Stewart, with C.A.M.B.R.I.A. Animal Sanctuary.

Get more information about C.A.M.B.R.I.A. Animal Sanctuary at https://www.cambriasanctuary.org

You can also donate funds for feed and assistance at http://bit.ly/2kD0GQ8

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Heather Jordan, KNX 1070 News Radio.