Local journalism on life support---Trump eyeing homeless "crackdown" in CA---Can unsolicited nude pics be outlawed?

KNX In Depth
Friday, November 22nd
There are thousands of stories going untold here in Southern California--and once you get outside of our major metropolitan area, it gets especially desperate for local journalists trying to cover their communities.  On the same week when a merger gave control of hundreds of daily newspapers to one company, a new report shows almost one-in-four newspapers have closed down over the past 15 years and local journalism is suffering mightily.

The Trump administration is getting ready to crack down on the homeless in California, with rumors of aggressive actions on tap like rounding up thousands of homeless people living on Skid Row and relocating them to some remote location.

A California state senator wants to outlaw the sending of unsolicited nude photos on social media and dating apps........and while a lot of women would probably appreciate that, is such a law enforceable?

There is a massive database on Google's Cloud, which likely has a bunch of your personal information living on it, that's wide open to hackers.

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