The lights flicker off in California, but is there a better way to reduce wildfire risk? Plus, Trump turns his back on Kurds, House Dems

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Wednesday, October 9th
It's Power OUT-rage in California, as electricity is cut to millions of people in the state --with more likely to be impacted---by power companies trying to limit the risk of sparking a wildfire as winds start to howl.But is this really the answer? Is our unstable power grid turning California into the world's richest third world country?..............Is this a day of shame for the U.S.? Turning our back on Kurdish allies in Syria who helped us fight the war on terrorism---so that Turkey can launch a military offensive............Also, he could not bring himself to say it....until today. Now Joe Biden says President Trump should be impeached. This while the White House has set up an epic constitutional showdown with the Congress.