LAX on alert for mystery virus--Poll finds many black Americans view President Trump as a racist--KTLA anchor Courtney Friel reflects on sobriety and the news industry in her new book

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Friday, January 17th
It's a mystery respiratory virus that is spreading in China and even blamed for at least two deaths. The big question is will it come here to the U.S.? Emergency screening of passengers flying in from China is starting at LAX, as well as airports in San Francisco and New York.  How concerned should we be? 

Also, a new poll out paints a bleak picture of pessimism for black Americans. A large majority say they do not think this is a good time to be black in America.

University of California students are upset and vowing not to take it. All because of planned tuition hikes that include a possible five straight years of increases to keep up with inflation.

We have a conversation with KTLA anchor and reporter Courtney Friel about her new book "Tonight at 10: Kicking Booze and Breaking News."