KNX InDepth (September 18, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, September 18th
President Trump has done battle with California pretty much from the minute he moved into the White House, but this latest fight is personal.

The president today revoked a decades-old special waiver that allowed California to set its own standards for pollution controls and fuel efficiency in automobiles, going against not only his favorite foe but also against several other states and almost the entire auto industry.  We will go In Depth on what's likely to be a protracted fight about who gets to set environmental policies.

Israel is in political gridlock after national elections results in a near tie between opposing political parties.  It could mean the end of a long-run by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but what it certainly means is.......a lot of uncertainty.

The parents of some of the kids killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting have a produced a grim "back to school" public service announcement that pulls no punches.  We'll talk with the father of one of the 1st graders killed at Sandy Hook about the provocative ad, which lands in the midst of new gun control negotiations.

"Dad joke," "deep state," and "escape room" are just some of the new words added to the Merriam Webster dictionary today, we'll get you up to date on the latest vocabulary.

And after reports that some studio execs are considering a remake of the classic movie "Princess Bride," we'll ask if Hollywood's reboot and remake crazy has gone too far this time.