KNX InDepth (September 16, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Monday, September 16th
Will what we pay at the pump skyrocket ---and all because of an attack on a key oil processing plant some eight thousand miles away in Saudi Arabia?   That's what consumers here want to know. So we will go In Depth to get some answers.

Oh, and that attack?  The Trump administration says it looks like Iran is behind it. So, tensions---already high---are higher still in the Persian Gulf. 

Do you know what you're inhaling when you suck on that marijuana vape pen? As the reports of lung illnesses tied to some vaping products increase, there's new concerns that even the legal pot products contain all kinds of additives that shouldn't be in there........with unknown health effects.

Unrest in Detroit as nearly 50-thousand workers at General Motors walk off their jobs on strike today, we'll check on what ended a relatively peaceful period for auto workers labor relations.

And the newest member of the Saturday Night Live cast found quick trouble when old videos of him using racial slurs against Asians surfaced.  He defended the use of those slurs as merely edgy jokes.........but where is the line between edgy........and racist?