KNX InDepth (September 12, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Thursday, September 12th
The preliminary report on the fire and sinking of the dive boat Conception is in and apparently, the crew members were asleep on the job.  While the investigation will go on for months, and maybe even years, based on initial interviews with the surviving crew of the boat, everyone was asleep overnight when the fire first started.  What started the fire that led to the deaths of 34 people remains we will go In Depth.

Israeli intelligence has reportedly been running a surveillance operation with President Trump as the focus.  How unusual is it for friends to spy on friends?

And it appears that European air safety regulators don't trust the FAA when it comes to certifying the troubled 737 MAX airliner to fly again.

California is usually at the forefront of most big, national legal efforts--the state has already sued the Trump administration dozens of times.  So it's especially curious that California is sitting out the antitrust investigation into Google launched by nearly every state attorney general in the country.  Why would California remain on the sidelines when it comes to Google?  We will go in depth.

And extremely complex litigation against opioid pain pill maker Purdue Pharma has led to a very complicated settlement process where several states are demanding that the drugmaker admit to wrong-doing before they'll sign off on any deal.