KNX Indepth (October 9, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, October 9th
Nikki Haley is leaving the U.N. Now, at first, you may say--"Who's that?" And, if you know who that is, you may say --"So what?" Well, Nikki Haley is this country's ambassador to the United Nations. At times, she did not seem on the same page as her boss. You all know who that is. She is also a creature of politics. That means ambition. That means people are starting to speculate. That means, we will go InDepth.

Also, are President Trump and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein now bosom buddies? Do they complete one another? After the two took a fast ride and a very fast Air Force One, Mr. Trump seemed to view Mr. Rosenstein in a new light. We'll shine one on that.

Later on the show---millennials. They're at it again. This time, blamed for killing off whole industries . We'll take an InDepth look at the commercial destruction millennials are apparently leaving in their wake.

A rare and serious disease that strikes children has some parents concerned. What is it? Can your kid catch it? And can it be cured?