KNX InDepth (October 16, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, October 16th
You can almost feel sorry for them. All bumpy. Big holes. Crumbling. Of course, once you go over them in your car, you'll probably feel sorry for yourself. We're talking about the forgotten, left behind streets of L.A. Streets that never get paved. We go In-Depth to find out why.

And, when it comes to fighting back against Republican and President Trump rhetoric, are Democrats just being wimps? When one party goes low, should the other go lower?

Later in the show, the war of words between Senator Elizabeth Warren and President Trump gets hotter, after Warren releases DNA test results showing she does have some Native American ancestry. We'll go In-Depth on the latest.

Plus, we'll talk with a Washington Post National correspondent about developments in the case of Post contributor Jamal Kashoggi, who vanished after walking into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and, according to various reports, is presumed murdered.