KNX inDepth (October 12, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Friday, October 12th
What was life like before Amazon? Well, for many it was, "I can order that from Sears!"  Is it so long Sears? America's legendary mail order store may soon be going the way of many other brick and mortars.

Plus, an update on the Facebook hack. What exactly did the hackers get? And how can you do an "about face" to keep it all private?

That's your social media privacy -- we'll also go indepth on your DNA privacy...that's right. Maybe you didn't sign up for one of those DNA genetic tests, but is some of your DNA footprint still out there?

Also, President Trump -- the missing journalist...and how this does or does not affect the U-S Saudi billion dollar trade deal.

Later in the show, mysterious radio signals from deep space, we'll try to connect on this one...and we'll talk about an ancient discovery -- linked to "vampires" of all things.