KNX InDepth (October 10, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, October 10th
Hurricane Michael officially makes landfall in Panama City Beach --the supercharged storm slams into Florida with 155-mile winds.

So the waters are rising there -- and on Wall Street...the Dow drops...more than 800 points...but why? We'll go in depth.

Plus, National Coming Out Day is around the corner. There will be some new surprises, you won't want to miss.

And what you really don't want to miss is this! The California state controller says there is more than 9 - billion in unclaimed property... We'll explain how you can check and see if you're on the list to get any of these untapped assets!

Also, a landmark health care merger is underway...CVS and Aetna -- would this marriage be good for consumers and health care?