KNX InDepth (November 20, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, November 20th
All of those gains your 401k and stock portfolio have made over the past 11 months? You can kiss them goodbye, as of today--a steady dive by tech stocks and weak holiday sales projections by several big retailers has sent stock prices spiraling yet again. We will go In Depth on what is suddenly a very bumpy ride on Wall Street.

While you're choking on your plummeting 401k......toss that salad you're eating, immediately! The Centers for Disease Control issues a rare nationwide alert on romaine lettuce, warning people of e-coli contamination that could make them very sick. This is just the latest of several contamination issues with lettuce, so we'll go In Depth on what the problem is with lettuce!

And then.......her emails! No, not Hillary Clinton's emails; this time it's Ivanka Trump's emails that are the source of concern, as it turns out the First Daughter and special advisor to the President has been using a personal email account to conduct government business.

Speaking of the President, he is officially giving a pass to the controversial Saudi Crown Prince, who the CIA says is almost certainly responsible for ordering the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

And finally, northern California utility PG&E is in serious trouble after being blamed for the start of the Camp Fire, just the latest wildfire for which it could be responsible. Can our utilities be allowed to go bankrupt?