KNX InDepth (November 2, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Friday, November 2nd
Negative campaigning works; when voters complain about how negative political ads get, especially as we get closer to election day, little do they realize that "going negative" is a tried and true part of campaigns. So when President Trump goes ultra negative--tying Democrats to murderous illegal immigrants or drumming up fear of disease, gangs and invaders around a migrant caravan--will it work? We go In Depth on the politics of fear.

And how are Democrats responding to the politics of fear? Are they punching back against the president or are they content to let him have this fight over that migrant caravan all to himself? We put that question to the leadership of the DNC....

Later on in the show, the Trump administration goes all in on sanctions for Iran, wiping out the final remnants of the Obama-era nuclear deal with the Iranians.

And we debate Proposition 6, which would repeal California's new gasoline tax. Supporters of Prop. 6 argue it's an unfair and unneeded tax, while opponents say it's vital funding for state roads--we'll debate, and you decide.