KNX InDepth (November 14, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, November 14th
Fire.....Profound Loss....Inevitably followed by rebuilding and recovery. After almost a week of fires burning in Southern California over a geographic area the size of Las Vegas, almost all evacuations have been lifted and families are returning home to see if they have a home waiting for them. And for those who have lost everything, there are difficult questions and choices ahead about putting the pieces back together.

So we're talking with FEMA about how to get government assistance on everything from rebuilding your home to dealing with smoke damage. And a Cal Fire chief gives us a very sober reminder of why all of those mandatory evacuations were necessary.

[MIKE] Remember that migrant caravan, the one that President Trump called a grave threat to national security.........and then stopped talking about after the midterm elections? Well the first elements of it have reached the U.S.-Mexico border, we'll go live to Tijuana.

Boeing is under fire for failing to tell pilots and airlines about a key feature in its new 737 jet, which might have contributed to a fatal crash in Indonesia.

And Nancy Pelosi finds herself in a serious fight to be Speaker of the House and the face of the new Democratic majority.