KNX InDepth (November 13, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, November 13th
California has a power lines problem. The state's major utilities have been blamed, or are being investigated, for starting several of the most destructive wildfires we've ever seen; and the problem shows no signs of being solved, as the two wildfires currently burning in California right now are suspected to have been ignited by malfunctioning power lines.

So we will go In Depth on how state regulators are addressing this, and what can be done going forward to lessen the risk of a sparking power line starting a fire. And we'll check in on the grim search for more victims from the Camp Fire in the small town of Paradise.

President Trump has a daunting two years ahead of him: he's facing a hostile and aggressive Democrat-controlled House, there are likely several indictments of people close to him coming from Robert Mueller and he's got a reelection campaign to get ready for. So how's he preparing? Apparently by getting ready to fire some of his key administration staffers.

And Amazon shunned L.A. in favor of New York City; but did we win for losing?