KNX InDepth (May 9, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, May 9th
Questions. There are many questions being thrown at Gina Haspel , the career CIA officer who may become the first woman to run the spy agency. But the questions are about her past overseeing a secretive prison in Thailand where CIA personnel tortured al Qaeda suspects. She then took part in the destruction of video records of these sessions. At her confirmation hearing today, she said she will never allow a torture program to return to the the CIA. But still---there are questions. And so, we will go In Depth to try and get some answers.

Then, just 24 hours after President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal, Saudi Arabia says it'll build a bomb if Iran starts to develop one--are we on the cusp of a new nuclear arms race in the Middle East?

Later.....teenagers are spraying themselves with aerosol deodorant until it gives them heinous burns--why exactly are they doing that? We'll go In Depth. Then, new legal problems for President Trump's personal lawyer, and maybe the president himself; and California may soon be the first state to mandate solar panels on newly built homes.