KNX InDepth (May 23, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Thursday, May 23rd
Healthcare, homelessness and high speed rail: three areas in which California's Governor Gavin Newsom is wading into some controversy and tough policy choices.

The governor wants to spend nearly 100-million-dollars to provide health insurance to illegal immigrants living in the state, over protests that the money should be spent on legal residents.

He wants to throw more money and task forces at California's intractable homeless crisis, even as billions-of-dollars have already been spent on the problem.

And he invited a fight with President Trump over high speed rail funding with confusion he helped to sow over the future of the rail network.

So we will go In Depth on all of this with Governor Newsom, coming up.

Just in time for you to jump on a plane to fly away for Memorial Day or during the upcoming summer...........a CBS News exclusive gives us a lot of cause for concern about whether the FAA is doing its job policing safety at the nation's airlines. This comes as the FAA considers allowing the troubled 737 MAX planes to fly again---we will go In Depth.

As President Trump feuds with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, both Republicans and Democrats are shaping political strategies around the "i" word. Why the President might welcome impeachment, and why Pelosi is trying to hold the line against it........

And a grim story out of much power can a dead person's will have, especially when it calls for the killing of a healthy dog?