KNX InDepth (May 17, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Friday, May 17th
There are lots of thrilling water rides at Disneyland............not among them is the catastrophic flood that could threaten Disneyland and much of western Orange County if a nearly 80-year-old dam gives way during a period of heavy rains. But the threat is real, after the dam was rated as an "urgent risk" of failure.............and the dam in Orange County is not alone among crumbling infrastructure across Southern we will go In Depth.

Remember when California energy regulators raised the possibility of price fixing and market manipulation behind the state's perpetually expensive gas prices? Well nothing much has been done on those charges........until now, after the governor's office has ordered an investigation. Will they turn up gas pricing collusion?

After 9 years, 8 seasons, lots of war, lots of sex, lots of death, dire wolves and dragons, the curtain is finally ready to close on Game of Thrones. The epic series that helped to revolutionize what we all expect from our TV shows is riding out a rocky final season, but tens of millions of us are still expected to tune in for the grand finale on Sunday of course we are going in depth.

And it's been the source of complaints and debate for decades, noise levels over the San Fernando Valley from planes landing and taking off from Hollywood-Burbank. Well now L.A.'s city attorney is getting involved in the fight.