KNX InDepth (May 16, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Thursday, May 16th
So here we are again: another American president is taking a crack at fixing America's broken immigration system. This time it's President Trump, who's spent over two years railing about everything that's wrong with our immigration policies, but today is offering his prescription for healing it. What is it? We'll go In Depth

But does anyone in Congress---in either party---REALLY want immigration reform? Hasn't happened despite some 30 years of haggling. It's the Great Immigration Put Off. But exactly what is the game being played?

And if you're an HR manager, brace yourself for "Game of Thrones flu" on Monday morning.

College admissions officers will soon know a lot more about prospective students than just their SAT scores: It's called "adversity scoring" and will be added to the SAT this Fall. The claim is it will boost diversity on college campuses. Breakthrough---or gimmick ? We'll go In Depth.

Also, bringing home the bacon will cost you more. Answering the question--what happens when a pig gets sick in China ?

And L.A. can be a lonely city, we sit alone for hours on end whether it's in our cubicles or stuck in traffic. So would you pay to take a walk with a friendly stranger ? You guessed it--- there's an app for that.