KNX InDepth (May 14, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, May 14th
Pretty much everyone in California can agree, the DMV is need of reforming...........desperate need. But should one of those reforms include a 10-million-dollar marketing campaign?! That's among the list of recommendations out today for improving the DMV experience, which also includes stuff like updating its antiquated computer system and much better training for DMV workers. Would ads for a new and improved DMV be enough to make you feel good about the troubled agency? We will go In Depth.

Los Angeles was among the target cities for aggressive sweeps and arrests of illegal immigrants, which had been the plan for ICE agents until it was called off at the last minute. We'll tell you why.

And peeling your nuggets. .............merely gross, or the among the grossest ever? We report, you decide.

The Trump administration seems to have Iran in its crosshairs, and there are questions about whether some elements inside the White House are determined to start a war. We'll go In Depth on the alleged Iranian threat against American troops in the Middle East and the build up of tensions.

President Trump called for investigating the investigators behind the Mueller special counsel report, and now he's getting his wish.

And zombie cells are doing a death march toward disease in your body--right now--but there might be hope for killing them off for good.