KNX InDepth (May 13, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Monday, May 13th
The war is on, and the front lines are your shopping carts and homes.

China hit back with tariffs of its own on American experts, in the escalating trade war with the United States. The stock market was down by as much as 700 points today and American farmers and manufacturers are bracing for some serious economic pain over the goods they sell to China............but according to President Trump, his plan to get tough on China is working.

So we'll go In Depth on where the casualties will fall from the evolving U.S.-China trade war, how much more you can expect to pay thanks to tariffs and whether the President really knows what he's doing.

Apple is going to take a hit in this trade war, and the company was hit on a totally different front today: the Supreme Court has given the OK to a lawsuit against Apple by iPhone users over the monopoly of its Apple Store. Will you soon have more freedom to download whatever apps you want?

The city and county of Los Angeles spent a combined 619-million-dollars last year to combat homelessness...........and the return on that huge investment of taxpayer dollars was a very small drop in the homeless population. Are officials spending the money YOU approved in the right ways, and is our deeply rooted homeless crisis even solvable?

A freelance reporter in San Francisco refused to reveal his source that tipped him off over the controversial death of that city's public defender. The result? On Friday police raided that reporter's home, in a major test of First Amendment rights.

And you may want to wait to hear this segment before you give Fido a kiss: a rare disease that was transferred from dogs to humans is discovered in Iowa.