KNX InDepth (May 10, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Friday, May 10th
Uber is a company that doesn't produce anything. It doesn't really own anything either, aside from some office buildings and equipment.

So how is it that Uber was valued at a 82-billion dollars at the start of trading today during the rideshare company's initial public offering? That corporate value is higher than Goldman Sachs, Ford and Tesla..........and that's with Uber losing hundreds of millions of dollars! So we go In Depth on how these young companies are valued.

Also... the slow simmering trade war between the U.S. and China broke out into full warfare today after the Trump administration slapped an additional 200-billion-dollars in tariffs on Chinese goods and trade negotiations between the two countries failed to resolve anything.

A teacher in San Francisco had insult added to her injury when she had to pay out thousands of dollars for the substitute covering her classes when she missed weeks of work battling breast cancer. And her situation is far from unique. So, we will go In Depth.

Would you sign a non-disclosure agreement before going to see a comedy show? And would you sign one if you were going to see a controversial comic like Louis CK?

And Leonard Maltin, one of the preeminent film critics and historians of our time, launches his own film festival this weekend in Hollywood--he comes to In Depth to preview that, and talk about the summer blockbuster movie season on tap.