KNX InDepth (March 8, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Thursday, March 8th
Let's face it. Most Americans don't pay much attention to tariffs--basically taxes on imported goods. They happen all the time. But then there are the tariffs on imported steel and aluminum President Trump is imposing. Now, many of us ARE interested. Probably because we are now also hearing about a possible global trade war. So, we will go In Depth on why these tariffs really DO matter. Also, guess who's coming to dinner? President Trump expected next week here in L.A. for a Beverly Hills fundraiser. His first trip to California since he moved from Trump Tower into the White House.

Also on the when you think AIRLINE travel, you DON'T think--compassionate employees. Well, one airline is actually sending its employees for compassion training. So, we will go In Depth on that. And, it's not just any lizard. It's five feet long, loved by many, and loose somewhere in San Diego. We'll go In Depth AND In-Search of the missing Bubbles the Lizard. Oh, and did we say it bites!?!?!