KNX InDepth (March 7, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, March 7th
War! Not between the US and North Korea. Not between the US and Russia. Not between the US and terrorists. It's War between the US and California. That's what governor Jerry Brown says after the Feds took the state to court and Attorney General Jeff Sessions says California is pushing a radical agenda. We will go In Depth. Also, is Best Buy's Geek Squad really and FBI squad? A lawsuit says YES and we will check it out.

Later, a cloak and dagger case that has the UK buzzing----an ex Russian spy and his daughter poisoned with a nerve agent and left for dead. The question---of course---Whodunnit? We go In Depth with a former British spook. And, it's creepy. It's darn right scary. Why is Alexa laughing at us???