KNX InDepth (March 21, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Thursday, March 21st
Smart phones----adults AND kids can't seem to do without them. But do these miniature high tech marvels belong in the classroom? Yes, they can be used at times to aid instruction. But they can also be used for cyber bullying and a host of other distractions that take away from the learning experience. A state law being proposed would either ban or greatly restrict smartphone on campus. So, we will go In Depth.

Boeing is being rocked by more turbulence with the FBI joining the investigation into the troubled 737 Max series of jets. Apart from suspected terrorism, criminal probes of airline accidents are almost never done in this country. What does it all mean?

Months after Arizona Senator John McCain died, President Trump is still bad mouthing him at almost every chance he gets. Why all the anger? When will it stop? We will go In Depth.

And, talking about the President..Mr Trump signed an executive order ordering the protection of free speech on college campuses. The order is apparently inspired by political clashes at several California schools.

And the flowers keep on blooming, and the crowds keep on flocking to Lake Elsinore. With another crush of tourists expected this weekend, we dig into what the community intends to do about the crowds.