KNX InDepth (March 20, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, March 20th
Roll the credits and fade to black for one of the oldest and most daring movie studios in Hollywood, as the sale of 21st Century Fox to Disney becomes official today.

Disney ponied up over 71-billion-dollars for most of the studio, which also gives them a 30-percent stake in Hulu, because the future of entertainment content is becoming clear: it's the streaming, stupid.

Because this sale is another nail in the coffin of the old Hollywood studio system, as 21st Century Fox ceases to exist today the content industry becomes further consolidated in fewer big corporate hands. How will all of this effect how you watch movies and TV going into the future? We will go In Depth.

The Democratic Party boasts one of the most diverse field of presidential candidates in modern politics, with plenty of women and minorities making a run for the White House. So then why are three white guys leading the early polling?

There is new hope for the millions of new moms who suffer from the crippling effects of postpartum depression: a new fast acting antidepressant is approved for the market, and relief could soon be on the way.............but at a very steep cost.

And teenagers aren't supposed to be lonely, not with friends and after school activities and sports---so then why are today's teens more isolated than ever?