KNX InDepth (March 18, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Monday, March 18th
Boeing and the FAA have some explaining to do.

As the crash investigations of two 737 MAX 8 jets show haunting similarities on how the planes went down, there are now serious questions about an overly-cozy relationship between Boeing and the FAA that might have resulted in mistakes and lapses made during the 737's certification process. Did government regulators give up too much oversight control over the MAX planes, and did that result in some deadly flaws? We will go In Depth.

Did your allergies kick into overdrive this weekend? If they did, you are not alone, and we've got bad news for you: the worst is yet to come. Why this might be the worst allergy season in Southern California, EVER.......

Part of the reason allergies will be so intense this Spring: all of our winter rains caused an explosion of wildflowers all over our area, and for Lake Elsinore it meant an overwhelming invasion of flower-seeking tourists.

Tax returns are due in less than a month and before you decide to do your taxes yourself, on one of the many tax software options, you'll want to listen to our upcoming segment on some mistakes those do-it-yourself tools have made.

And President Trump........well he had himself an interesting weekend.....on Twitter.....for the whole world to read.......involving a whole lot of complaining and bitterness.