KNX InDepth (March 11, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Monday, March 11th
346. 346 lives. 346 stories to be told. 346 people who'll never come home again. And all 346 share one thing in common. In the span of just five months, they died in crashes involving one of the newest, most advanced jetliners in the skies. The Boeing 737 Max 8.

This weekend, the death plunge happened in Ethiopia. Months ago, it was off of Indonesia.

But it is a plane that flies our skies, too. Southwest and American airlines are still flying them, even though some other airlines have grounded the planes for now.

A problem for Boeing. And we will go In Depth.

Congress could care less about Presidential budgets. It'll no doubt feel the same toward President Trump's budget proposals for 2020. Yet, the presidential budget DOES show where his head is at. It's at a lot more spending for the military and a lot less spending for just about everything else. We'll take a look at the nearly 5 TRILLION dollar plan.

Also, the Democrats just love it. The South-by-Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. They flocked there. But will it make one bit of difference come Election Day? We will go In Depth.

And does a potential cure for sickle cell anemia, a painful disease impacting some 100-thousand Americans, hold promise for curing thousands of other genetic diseases?