KNX InDepth (June 7, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Thursday, June 7th
The case for possible life on Mars---now or in the distant past--just got a whole lot stronger. NASA has announced the Curiosity Rover has discovered the best evidence yet of what could be the building blocks of life in ancient Martian rocks. Organic compounds. A separate discovery of a seasonal variation in the release of Methane from the Martian surface has added to the excitement among scientists. We will go In Depth. Also, the giant Chinese telecommunications company once called a national security threat to the United States, will now be permitted to do business with us.

The LAUSD school board wants to make it possible for every student who wants to , to get a four year university education. But is THAT a wise priority? Especially when the value of a four year college degree is increasingly being questioned. We will go In Depth on that. And, forget about the Russia investigation or possible obstruction of justice. President Trump MAY get summoned to testify on behalf of............Colin Kapernick. And later, can you program artificial intelligence to commit murder? We'll have the surprising answer.