KNX InDepth (June 24, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Monday, June 24th
It happened again at Dodgers Stadium: an unsuspecting fan, sitting in seats close to the field, was nailed with a line-drive foul ball, this time off the bat of Dodgers star Cody Bellinger. Why don't the Dodgers have protective netting that runs the full length of the field, and when did it become dangerous to merely watch a baseball game? We will go In Depth.

Man's best friend is going to act as a test bed for a cancer vaccine that could help both dogs and humans--800 dogs, to be exact, will be given a vaccine that could prevent at least eight different types of cancers.

And President Trump's very mixed message on ICE raids against illegal immigrant families living in the U.S.

First it was Air BnB that was accused of hurting the supply and availability of affordable apartment units, but most Southern California cities took action to regulate short term rentals.

Now it's longer team corporate leasing that's come under fire for gobbling up available apartment units.........and in an increasing trend, they're getting around many short-term rental restrictions.....we'll go In Depth.

And can the United States government afford to wipe out $1.6 trillion in student debts? Bernie Sanders argues that the country CAN'T afford NOT to eliminate all student debt.