KNX InDepth (June 20, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, June 20th
He swore he could do nothing....beyond his power as President. All up to the Democrats and Congress. Yet, today, President Trump did an about face--under wilting criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike--and signed an executive order that would, in many, though not all, cases keep immigrant families entering the US illegally together in detention. We will go In Depth to find out what happened. Also, what happens to the kids already separated from parents who have been deported , leaving their children behind. We'll try to get answers to that, too.

Later on the show, LAUSD in financial crisis. Says it may need to lay off teachers and shut schools. But there may be an answer. And , yes, it involves more money. And, yes, it involved more taxes, and yes, if you live in LA County, it may come out of YOUR pocket. We will go In Depth on that.
And, while the latest Jurassic Park movie is set to open this weekend, scientists say they may soon actually be able to recreate real, living dinosaurs from-----ready for this----the DNA from chicken. You may never think of that buffalo wing the same way again.