KNX InDepth (June 18, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, June 18th
It was a hard and fast fall from grace for acting defense secretary Patrick Shanahan, who's nomination had up until just a few days ago, seemed to be progressing. Tales of violent family turmoil and domestic abuse incidents had been kept out of the public eye by Shanahan, but the bleak details are now out---as is Shanahan now out of the Pentagon.

So we'll go In Depth on what went wrong with Shanahan and the Trump administration's continuing problems with conducting effective background checks on its people.

Facebook is getting into the crypto-currency business with a new digital money it hopes will rival Bitcoin........but it's already raising a lot of red flags and privacy concerns for Facebook users.

And it turns out we've been noshing on bagels since the Bronze Age!

The childhood obesity rates are trending in the right direction in the country, as America's preschoolers have grown a little less pudgy.

The former FDA regulator who helped pave the way for popular Lasik laser eye surgery now says he regrets that the procedure was ever given a greenlight.

And you know how your dog looks at you longingly when he wants a treat, or wants to go outside, or just wants some of your love and attention? Turns out those expressive eyes are a calculated byproduct of breeding and evolution.