KNX InDepth (June 13, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Thursday, June 13th
Everyone seems to agree, there's a serious shortage of affordable housing in Los Angeles.....and in most parts of California; and that, in part, has contributed to our full blown homeless crisis.

So, if we're really serious about making housing more affordable, why not learn from New York? The Empire State is about to pass a package of tenants rights protections. Can it be done here? We will go In Depth.

Who is attacking oil tankers in the Persian Gulf? The Trump administration says its Iran, and while all signs on the surface seem to point to Tehran, there are some other intriguing possibilities.

The White House Office of Special Counsel says Kellyanne Conway, the top aide to President Trump, should be fired.

Meanwhile President Trump is defending his admission that he'd once again consider taking campaign help from a foreign government, without going to the FBI.

And if the Stanford sailing coach, who took over $600,000 in bribes for his part in the college admissions scandal, only gets sentenced to *one day* in jail, what can everyone else expect?

And brace yourselves for F-Bombs on the Starship Enterprise...........Quentin Tarantino will reportedly start work on an R-rated Star Trek movie.