KNX Indepth (July 9, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Monday, July 9th
EIGHT ARE OUT, but others remain trapped in a cave in Thailand.  CNN's Matt Rivers looks ahead to the next phase of the rescue, while NBC News correspondent Janis Mackey Frayer brings us the latest on the rescued, who are being treated and monitored at a local hospital.  Dr. Paul Auerbach, a wilderness medicine expert and professor of emergency medicine at Stanford University, says the boys have a long road ahead of them, in terms of fending off illness and potential PTSD.  It was a long hot weekend for everyone in Southern California.  And it was longer and more insufferable for thousands who were without power thanks to power outages.  We talk to DWP's COO Marty Adams and community watchdog Jack Humphreville about the utilitiy's power failure problem.  You might want to wrap that car fob of yours in foil!  Turns out hackers can get into our fob and then into your car.