KNX InDepth (July 27, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Friday, July 27th
The CBS eye has now turned on its own CEO, Leslie Moonves. CBS is investigating Moonves, it says, for personal misconduct. Allegations of sexual misconduct spring from a New Yorker article supposedly poised for release today, by the same reporter who helped explode the Harvey Weinstein scandal.
We will go In Depth on what a CBS possibly without Less Moonves could mean to Hollywood, Wall Street and viewers and the "Me-Too-Movement."  Also on the show, a Northern California town on fire as wind swept flames march through Redding, threatening its very existence.

Later, citing figures and to hear President Trump tell it, the US economy is THE BEST EVER! Is it? We'll go In-Depth on that as well, breaking down what the figures really means for all of us.  Then, with rising temperatures across much of the state, some people apparently get sooooooo hot, they fell like hire a hitman. And , yes, illegal though it is, there is apparently a market for that.  And, suppose you get so angry you slam your smart phone across the room, only it NEVER breaks? About to happen. One small step for a company, one giant leap for those not wanting to keep buying phones.