KNX InDepth (July 23, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, July 23rd
If we say DMV, do you get all tense? Start feeling a headache coming on ? Maybe a bit queasy ? Not alone. As much as we Californians need it, the Department of Motor Vehicles just doesn't bring out the best in us, does it? So, reforms are now in the air ? The governor's office announcing results of its DMV task force. SO, we will go In Depth to see if the department that regulates vehicular traffic can put peddle to the mettle to get its act on the road.

Live Nation, one of the biggest ticket sellers on the planet, has apparently been secretly sending thousands of concert tickets for bands like Metallica directly to the resale market.........driving up prices, driving down seat availability and helping artists make millions extras on their shows. 

And, he is one of the most polarizing politicians in the world. Brash. Self assured. Doing his own thing and going his own way. Nope. Not Donald Trump. We're talking about the man set to become Great Britain's new Prime Minister---Boris Johnson. We'll go to London for the latest.

The countdown is on to the much anticipated Congressional testimony of Robert Mueller. What will he say? Will he say anything ? Will he help make the case for the impeachment of the President? Or, will he make Republicans double down on their charges of a witch hunt ? We will go In Depth with a preview.

And physicists in a government laboratory are working to open up a portal to a parallel, this is not the plot of the third season of Stranger Things or a sci-fi movie out this's actually happening...........we'll explain.