KNX InDepth (July 22, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Monday, July 22nd
Sex sells. Movies, TV shows. You name it. Age old marketing wisdom. Yet, turns out, there were no rules in place on how to shoot scenes with explicit sexual content. Till now. We go In Depth on Sex by the Book.

Californians among the victims of that last, big data breach involving the credit reporting agency Equifax. There is now a massive settlement. But it it enough to bring about real change? Let's find out.

And, would trust a cop wearing cat ears?

Also, mystery FBI raids. Agents going through the offices of the Department of Water and Power. We'll get the latest on what might be going on?

Brace yourselves, Californians: wildfire season is upon us and as the weather really heats up this week, fire agencies are starting to ramp up for the inevitable. Can we afford it?

And Iran claims to have broken up a major American spy network. It's believed to be a message. But to whom?