KNX InDepth (July 17, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, July 17th
Gentrification. Is it about to come to LA's Skid Row ? Plans to redevelop a 50 block area east of downtown. You know the drill. Tony, new restaurants. Expensive, famous label retail shops. Luxury condo buildings. Only, what about all those people? The 4,000 or so homeless people who call the streets of Skid Row--home? We will go In Depth.

Also...leave it to Berkeley. The city is about to do away with all gender pronouns...changing the language of its municipal code. Say farewell to manhole covers. They are about to become maintenance holes.

Also on today's InDepth-----Just as the opioid crisis was picking up steam, a published report finds pharmaceutical companies were practically burying the country under an avalanche of more than 76 BILLION opioid pills. Hard to swallow ? We'll find out what happened.

Thousands of Puerto Ricans taking to the streets to try to force out their scandal-plagued governor, and it's scaring off cruise ships.

And Elon Musk envisions a not to distant future........where human brains will be hooked up to computers to fend off chronic medical conditions and get ahead of potentially dangerous artificial intelligence.