KNX InDepth (July 16, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, July 16th
The place is California, the most populous and powerful state in the richest country on earth......and the year is 2019. Would you believe that one of the biggest threats to public health rats?

House Democrats will put their anger at President Trump over his racist tweets singling out four Democratic Congresswoman of color into action today when they take a rare vote to rebuke him.........the question is, will they be joined by any Republicans?

Its the second day of Amazon's Prime shopping bonanza, and boy do they have a deal for you: Amazon will pay YOU 10-bucks and all you have to do is install a simple tool on your web browser. In exchange, Amazon gets to see everywhere you go and everything you do that a deal you'd take?

And the Emmy nominations are out, and the seven kingdoms of Westeros dominated. In spite of all kinds of complaints from critics and fans about the Game of Thrones final season, it garnered a staggering 32 nominations.