KNX InDepth (July 10, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, July 10th
The growing population of homeless in L.A. is bringing about a backlash of sorts from some business and home owners....coming up with ways to keep homeless people from camping out on the sidewalks adjacent to their properties. What are they doing? And is it a good idea? We will go In Depth.

Also, it would have required members of the Catholic clergy to break the seal of confession in the event they learned of child abuse in state churches. Only Sacramento has has put that proposed legislation on the back shelf. What happened? We'll find out.

While New York City paid tribute to the victorious American women's soccer team that won the World Cup, closer to home, a monument to where in many ways it all began. We talk with Brandi Chastain.

In effort to have a July 4th extravaganza in the nation's capital, the President of the United State apparently bankrupted DC's security fund needed to help shield the district against terrorism.

And the sudden death of a young Disney Channel star from an epileptic seizure puts a scare into parents and people with epilepsy.