KNX InDepth (January 9, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, January 9th
He's blaming us! He's blaming California! He says WE are responsible for what he says are otherwise preventable fires. Who's he? Yep. President Trump. What's more, he is--again--threatening to cut off federal funding to the very agency that helps people recover from devastating wild fires. So, we will go In Depth.

Also, meeting between the President and Democratic leaders is deemed a total waste of time by Mr Trump who apparently walked out of the room--this as the government shutdown enters week three and misery mounts among federal employees not getting paid.

The DMV--and pretty much anyone who stepped foot in a DMV office--had a pretty miserable 2018. And now the DMV is ringing in the new year with a threat: give us more money or 2019 is going to be even worse.

And with LAUSD teachers now poised to walk off their jobs on Monday, we look back 30 years on the last time teachers went on strike.