KNX InDepth (January 8, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, January 8th
When it comes to all comes down to money. Have money your odds of detecting and beating it are a lot better than if you do not. And that monetary divide --like cancer itself--has grown bigger with time. So, while a new report delivers good news of an impressive drop in cancer deaths over the last quarter century, we go In Depth to find out exactly who is getting the benefit and who is not!

And, when it comes to healthcare, California's new governor--Gavin Newsom--wants the state to be a role model. We'll talk with an expert who helped another state --Massachusetts--do just that and find out if it can work here?

Also on the show...Barbie dolls are about to become so passe, thanks to the Korean super boy band BTS. We'll tell you why your kids may soon been bugging you ---a lot.

And, it's as American as apple pie--but today, it was pulled back from the brink of extinction. Sears. It's still there. But barely.

Later, don't get paranoid---but is that your suitcase following you around??