KNX InDepth (January 7, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Monday, January 7th
We are now down to only a few days for negotiations between LAUSD's administration and reps for the UTLA teachers union to avoid a strike that looms at the end of this week. And these are contract negotiations made much more difficult with LAUSD in a state of transition and issues like student-teacher ratio and the future of charter schools complicating the talks.

Can a damaging strike be averted? We go in depth, talking with the president of LAUSD's School Board and with a teacher who's ready to strike if need be.

And with the partial shutdown of the federal government dragging into its third week, there's evidence that some federal workers who have been forced to work without pay are starting to get fed up--we'll go in depth.

Pizza and beer make up one of the combo deals, arguably in the history of food--so it's a pretty big deal that Pizza Hut, starting later this month, will offer beer deliveries along with pizza in California. We go in depth on at least this one way where 2019 is already better than 2018.

And Gavin Newsom is officially California's 40th governor, after he was sworn into office today. With a huge budget surplus and Democratic super-majorities in the legislature to play with, will Newsom carry on Jerry Brown's legacy of fiscal caution?