KNX InDepth (January 18, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Friday, January 18th
For the first time since President Trump took office, several members of Congress are now freely throwing around the "I" word--that is impeachment, and it's based off of a BuzzFeed News report that the President instructed his long-time personal lawyer to lie to Congress over the Trump Tower Moscow project.

Does this news, if it's proven to be true, drag Trump across that impeachment red line? We'll ask the new chairman of the House Intel Committee.

As the LAUSD teachers' strike spans a full week, the District stands to lose tens of millions of dollars; while teachers go without pay. What's the path toward a deal to end the strike?

With the video of her perfectly scored floor exercise being viewed some 40 million times, UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi is using her fame to take on body shamers--and she'll take on In Depth.

Home sales in California are slowing way down, and so are the price increases of homes on the market---is our overheated real estate market finally cooling off?

And Tesla might be the most innovative car company in history, but it has a very uncertain future after big losses and layoffs.