KNX InDepth (January 11, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Friday, January 11th
It was a nightmare in Wisconsin. A 13 year old girl's parents murdered in cold blood. The young girl--Jayme Closs-- vanishing and presumed kidnapped. That was three months ago. Yesterday, Jayme walked out of the woods to safety. And arrest has been made. Will she---could she---ever get over her unimaginable ordeal? We go In Depth and to Wisconsin for the latest.

Also, this country is about to make history. And NOT the good kind. The partial shutdown of our federal government will be the longest ever beginning tomorrow and still no end in sight as the suffering mounts.

Later, the horror flight from Guadalajara to the Bay Area. We go In Depth with one of the passengers stuck on an AeroMexico jetliner for hours on end with NO way out.

We will go In Depth on California's new so-called Real ID driver's license. Confused if you can fly with it or not? Welcome to the club. But we'll do out best to sort things out.

And as flu season is dangerously heating up, fewer people are getting their flu shots. We ask an expert --WHY?