KNX InDepth (February 6, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, February 6th
And the hits keep coming for LAUSD. Not long after the HIGH of settling a teacher's strike fizzled out, replaced by the LOW of a possible bankruptcy, the second largest school district in the country learned that 110 of its campuses are on a state list of the worst-performing schools in California. Just when LAUSD desperately needs to be retaining students, will this news send more families fleeing? We will go in depth.

It may be cold in LA today, but 2018 was the fourth hottest year for our planet in 140 years of record keeping. Even worse, the five warmest years on record have come over the past five years. Global warming. It's here. And, it's getting worse. We'll check it out.

First it was Virginia's governor caught in a racist yearbook picture from his college days; then, Virginia's lieutenant governor was accused of sexual assault; and now, Virginia's attorney general admits HE wore blackface in his youth. What is going on in Virginia's politics?!?

Do student athletes at California's public universities deserve to make their own money off of endorsements? New legislation might let them do it.......

And with a new government shutdown looming about a week away, Congressional negotiators are reportedly making progress on compromises--but there's a pretty big obstacle to be found at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.