KNX InDepth (February 4, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Monday, February 4th
California's legal pot business is NOT as high as it should be! And it is proving to be a real bummer. One year into the legalization experiment, and the buzz about the weed biz is that it is not making as much money or producing as much tax revenue as was anticipated. So, we will put all that into our pipe and smoke it, and go In Depth.

Also, Should contractors doing business with the city of Los Angeles have to disclose any connections they may have with the National Rifle Association? Some on the LA City Council think so...There is an ordinance up for a vote and we will talk to one of its backers.

What exactly is Executive Time? Turns out, it's time spend anyway President Trump wants to. And a leaked log shows MR Trump does take heavy advantage of of it. Is he using his executive time wisely? We'll go In Depth on that.

Later, after a crash in Indonesia, Boeing's advanced version of the 737 jetliner is flying through a storm of controversy over whether pilots have been trained properly how to handle the plane.

And the good, the bad, the ugly..........and mostly the boring from yesterday's pack of subdued Super Bowl commercials.