KNX InDepth (February 20, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, February 20th
Is it just about over? And what exactly would that mean anyway? And how do we , the people, find out what the conclusions are? And what happens with any conclusions reached? that Robert Mueller's Russia probe is about to go to press---with a report ready as early as maybe next week--is raising all sorts of questions. So, we will go In Depth.

Also...some Californians want a big gulp. Others, give out a big gasp at the size of some sugary drinks. So, lawmakers today introduced proposed legislation aimed at cutting the soda industry down to size. But there are two sides to this high calorie tale..and we will hear from both.

A Republican operative---NOT as a commentator.....NOT as an on-air personality......NO. She was hired as management to serve as a political editor! We will go In Depth on that.

Then on to Virginia. Two weeks ago, passions were high. Political , racial and sexual scandal threatened to bring down a Democratic House of Cards. And now? Crickets. What is going on?

And Netflix kidding.....REALLY wants to win an Oscar for Best Picture this Sunday.